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Posted by ArtemisTheHunter - April 22nd, 2008

All right so, in my last post I mentioned that I won't be submitting to NewGrounds anytime soon to bring attention to myself. But then I realized that's fucking retarded. There are millions of people here who don't submit, how would that draw attention to me? Anyway, I've decided I'm going to submit all my kick ass animations and games and advertise how much this whole name things sucks ass in my many blogs and shit and hopefully that will draw attention toward my problem.

Also, if changing my name to EvanStone is too much trouble, changing it to SuperAwesomeProductions would be nice. Too bad I'm sure that's too many letters.

In related news, Oven Fresh, the game I've been working on for a while, is nearly complete. Well, level one is nearly complete. But hey, that means most of the art and actionscript is done and frankly, AS 2.0 was my biggest problem. So depending on my grades in school, the development of my website, and how much I feel like working on my game, it'll be out by the end of May. Otherwise it'll be finished sometime during summer.

And while on the subject of my website, I finally added a splash page so it doesn't look like a pathetic waste of space. Well, it still looks like a waste of space, but it's hard to make it not considering I'm currently working on a freewebs account.

Posted by ArtemisTheHunter - April 16th, 2008

This doesn't sound like a meaningful threat but just wait until I start submitting to other sites and people are like "Hey, how come you don't post stuff on NewGrounds?" And I'll be like, "That's because AfroCunt stole my name and forgot the password."

Besides, changing my name wouldn't take much time and I've asked several times. Seriously, just spend five seconds to change my name to EvanStone?